British Land Speed Record Attempt

*Edit – Guy Martin was able to beat the record!!  His top speed was 112.94mph!  Be on the lookout for the entire episode on BBC America in the states

Tomorrow British mechanic and motorcycle racer, Guy Martin, will attempt to break the British land speed record.  Using a slipstream technique Guy will profit from the wake of a large vehicle, and try to breach the current record which is 110 MPH.  With the help of a team picked by Guy, they hope to break 100 MPH.


His team has created a specially designed gear system and frame from Rourke Framesets to assist him with his feat.  The attempt will air on BBC 4 tomorrow, Sunday the 29th.  Awaiting a repose from BBC to determine when it will air on BBC America, so stay tuned!

The current world record using a slipstream is 167 MPH !   Completed in 1995 in the dried out Salt Flats near Salt lake city by Fred Rompelberg.  

Fast speeds and innovative technology!