Watch out for the Night Ninjas!


Anyone driving up Pershing in Balboa the night of January 18th was in store for a treat!  Dozens of mountain bikers were charging up balboa, headlamps on full blast, to try and take the lead. Last night the 2nd Annual Ninja Night Race took place, and it was a sight to see!

Arriving at the race all lights were off and racers were taking practice laps around the velodrome.  Small illuminated lights circled the track accompanied by live music and tamales on the infield.  Once the race started no riders were to be found.  The track was scattered around Morley Field which made it difficult to watch the riders trek up the steep hills.

Near the finis2014 ninja night raceh, above a hill, a few logs were positioned for friends and family to cheer on.  The hill was set up so riders could pump it and finish strong with a jump.  Spectators cheered on to the very impressive jumps.

The night race was a lot of fun and the different categories allowed for a range of skills.  The track ranged from 10-22 miles depending of category and was organized by Ride like a ninja Mountain Bike Skills organization with sponsors from Spy, Sock Guy and many more.

2014 annual ninja night race





If you did not get a chance to race, or found out too late, be sure to follow the Mountain Bike Skills org.  Train like a ninja and prepare yourself for next year!

Here is a listing of the scores


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