All New Garmin Edge 1000!

Garmin Edge 1000 sideGarmin Edge 1000

With technology changing monthly, getting smaller, increasing power, Garmin is following suit and getting techy.  The all new Edge 1000 is getting beefed up with connectivity to Shimano’s Di2 (Di2 not required), larger display, works with gloves and more.

The larger display adjusts to the lighting outside and also works in the rain.  The Edge 1000 is designed to keep you on a competitive edge against your own times, or pros.  Pairing your smart phone gives you more options as well, including live tracking, so friends and family can see your progress and follow your races!

The big feature with the edge 1000 is displaying your current gear with your Shimano Di2, and offering advice on shifting to increase time.  The Edge 1000 offers a lot of upgrades and benefits even without having Di2 connectivity.

This amazing new computer is only being pre-ordered at the moment until its release, which is anticipated before July.

If you are ready to step up your ride with this new computer you can buy the Garmin Edge 1000 online

If you aren’t sold yet, watch this short video that gives a glimpse of the capabilites


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