GoPro HERO4 Black Edition!

GoPro has finally released a date, October 5th, and some info for its new action camera, GoPro HERO4!

Hero4 Black

The GoPro4 has a new processor that will let you shoot at a faster frame rate, record at a 4K30 ultra high-def resolution, which is madness. Dive depth up to 40 meters, 12MP burst shots at 30FPS, and a really amazing feature is the night photo and night lapse.

The night photo lets you shoot the stars with long exposure and a time lapse

HERO4 black night vision






Another GoPro4 feature is the Superview, this allows you to get an even larger wide angle view from your point of view.  It will get your video looking gigantic.

gopro4 superview







Improved camera controls, auto dim, and many other features will make this the best GoPro yet.


You can pre-order the GoPro4 Black or Silver HERE


New Belgium’s Tour De Fat

Bikes, Beer and Bemusement as Fat Tire calls it!!

Tour De Fat is at it again this year!  A collection of activities, live music and of course plenty of New Belgium beer.  Headlining the event will be Beats Antique who has played a few sold out shows here in Solana Beach’s own Belly Up.

Check out the Tour details here, you can pre register for the parade they will be having as well!

Prizes to won, and costumes to be worn.  Wear some fun gear and bring your bike, you will not be disappointed.

Tour de fat

A time lapse video from last year in San Diego


Where the Trail Ends

If you are into Mountain Bike Riding, impressed by GoPro videos, or want to have your heart rate elevated from just watching a documentary; this is a film for you. where the trail ends

Netflix has a film up called ‘Where the Trail Ends‘ and I am writing this before it has even ended.  The level of skill some of these riders have is what appears to be beyond human.  The documentary follows a few of the worlds top mountain bike riders all over the world to find new terrain to push them beyond the limits.  The film gives a glimpse of the wild world of free riding, aerial shots from helicopters and action cameras splice together a true heart elevating viewing experience.

These riders push themselves hard, give the appearance of super human feats, and lack even a glimpse of fear.

This film is the endless summer for mountain bikes.

Watch the trailer down below and check out the full film on Netflix now, and when you are ready to order your downhill, email us at and we can get you riding hard.

Watching the film has got me thinking about adding a new bike to my collection!

2015 Scott GamblerThe new 2015 Scott Gambler 710

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It’s Friday!!!

Some cool updates if you are not on our mailing list.

California has enacted the 3 foot rule which no longer has an ambiguous “safe” distance to pass.  The law now states that there must be 3 feet in order to safely pass a cyclist.   Law enforcement has said that they will not be out with rulers measure drivers and are more concerned about awareness.

California 3 foot rule

2015 Litespeed

Interbike was an overwhelming blast of new products, information and sensory overload. I stopped by the Litespeed booth and got to check out a few of the new bikes that will be joining our line up as well.

2015 Litespeed T5d

DSC_4290The T5d has the same build as the T5 but coming equipped with some fast stopping disc brakes.

The bike has a micro-sized dropout with replaceable derailleur hanger, endurance/sportive road geometry. Available in 105 build, frame or frameset

Read all the details on Litespeed’s T5d here

2015 Litespeed CX

DSC_4288The new CX is really an awesome bike for any cyclecross enthusiast.  Getting the durability of Titanium, disc brakes and Litespeeds engineering this will be an all around CX bike.

Read full specs and more on Litespeed’s CX here


#2015litespeed #litespeedbike



INTERBIKE! Virtue – Pedalist

A cool sight to see this year at Interbike was a new futuristic car/bike by San Diego’s very own Virtue Bike.

This new velomobile will have the option of a electric motor to add the range this vehicle can travel with ease.  The bike is being sold as a commuter in all conditions, which in San Diego is 99% perfect weather.  So it might be a difficult sell in its home town, but it does look super fun!

Virtue PedalistVirtue Pedalist Virtue PedalistAdding an electric motor to this does make it an interesting buy though.  Being able to run to the store, movie theater or any other errand makes this rather appealing.

I have found myself driving my car 2 miles away because I was in need of some storage space to return my items. This vehicle gives that option, and it looks rather Sci fi!

The Pedalist will not go into production for at least another year, so we will have to see if this prototype ends up leaving the show room and onto the road.

Stay tuned!