INTERBIKE! Virtue – Pedalist

A cool sight to see this year at Interbike was a new futuristic car/bike by San Diego’s very own Virtue Bike.

This new velomobile will have the option of a electric motor to add the range this vehicle can travel with ease.  The bike is being sold as a commuter in all conditions, which in San Diego is 99% perfect weather.  So it might be a difficult sell in its home town, but it does look super fun!

Virtue PedalistVirtue Pedalist Virtue PedalistAdding an electric motor to this does make it an interesting buy though.  Being able to run to the store, movie theater or any other errand makes this rather appealing.

I have found myself driving my car 2 miles away because I was in need of some storage space to return my items. This vehicle gives that option, and it looks rather Sci fi!

The Pedalist will not go into production for at least another year, so we will have to see if this prototype ends up leaving the show room and onto the road.

Stay tuned!


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