Where the Trail Ends

If you are into Mountain Bike Riding, impressed by GoPro videos, or want to have your heart rate elevated from just watching a documentary; this is a film for you. where the trail ends

Netflix has a film up called ‘Where the Trail Ends‘ and I am writing this before it has even ended.  The level of skill some of these riders have is what appears to be beyond human.  The documentary follows a few of the worlds top mountain bike riders all over the world to find new terrain to push them beyond the limits.  The film gives a glimpse of the wild world of free riding, aerial shots from helicopters and action cameras splice together a true heart elevating viewing experience.

These riders push themselves hard, give the appearance of super human feats, and lack even a glimpse of fear.

This film is the endless summer for mountain bikes.

Watch the trailer down below and check out the full film on Netflix now, and when you are ready to order your downhill, email us at info@revolutionbikeshop.com and we can get you riding hard.


Watching the film has got me thinking about adding a new bike to my collection!

2015 Scott GamblerThe new 2015 Scott Gambler 710

#ScottGambler #wherethetrailends #MTB #MTBDownhill


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