New MIPS Helmet technology

Advancement in research has created a new helmet system to help prevent trauma during crashes and falls.  Developed at the Karalinski institute in Sweden the MIPS technology mimics our own brains safety system. Oblique impacts are the most common in a crash/fall and cause the brain to come in contact with the inner surface of the skull.  When the head is rotated the brain will follow, and can cause severe damage.  Helmets today are good at vertical drops, but falls short when dealing with the head being rotated.

MIPS has been engineered to reduce the risk of oblique head injuries by having moving parts within the helmet to minimize the side to side movement of the head/brain.  Helmet manufactures are now including MIPS within their current designs and offering them at a small increase in price.

What do you think about the MIPS helmet technology system?

Below are some models that we stock, stop in or call and order yours today!

You can check out all of your MIPS helmets here

Lazer Helium MIPS

Lazer – Helium MIPS


The Helium MIPS adds an additional safety aspect to the helmet. MIPS, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, outfits a standard Helium helmet with a low friction layer to reduce rotational acceleration in case of a crash





Giro – Sutton MIPS

The Sutton™ MIPS is a low-profile design loaded up with clever features to help urban riders and commuters get more out of their ride.

Giro – Sutton MIPS


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