Kona Ironman winners!!

Kona winners sporting some great bikes!

The Kona iron man had some amazing contenders this year.  The winners both took first on bikes that we have!  Felt & Scott engineered some great bikes for these athletes, so if you are looking for a new bike we are preordering both!

If you are trying to compete or just a weekend warrior we have your bike.

Sebastian Kienle took 1st place on his Scott Plasma5 with a time of

– 8:14:18 (Hrs,Min,Sec)

Mirinda Carfrae took 1st place on her Felt IA FRD with a time of

– 9:00:55  (Hrs,Min,Sec)

You can preorder these bikes and many more of the new 2015 line up from Felt, Scott, Ritte, Focus, Colango and more!  Contact us and visit our site for more info at Revolutionbikeshop.com




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