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New World Record!

MATTHIAS BRÄNDLE has just set a new world record!

On October 30th Mattias finished the hour long ride, and created a new world record at 51.852 (the official record) kilometers!

  •  “The closer the hour comes, the easier it is, because you know it is coming to an end and you can handle the pain. I’m really stoked about it,” Matthias Brandle

Matthias, a 24 year old Australian, has impressed many and is now a part of cycling history.

Riding the Scott Plasma 5, which was also used to the Kona Iron man!


You can watch the action here if you missed this amazing world record

New Hours!

new hoursIn case you are not looped into our newsletter we will no longer be open on Sundays for the winter season. We will re-open on Sundays in Spring with the time change!

So come down and join us for our weekly shop ride on Saturday and be sure to grab all your bike needs!

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