New Product in Store!

We have just picked up the award winning brand Mio, two great watches Mio Link HR wristband, and the Mio Fuse Heart Rate Training + Activity Tracker!  Track your activities throughout the day with The Mio Fuse.  All of the Mio’s utilize an optical heart rate monitor for all types of active people.  The Mio Fuse tracks your steps, calories and looks great and rated PCMag Editor’s choice!

Mio Fuse


It is compatible with other devices as well.  All of theses features at the $149 price point makes it a great buy.





Or you can grab just the Heart Rate monitor for only $99, connect to your Garmin, and ride in style!  The Mio’s are on their way here so come by and check them out!


Scott sale and more!

We have a few gems in our inventory that need to find a good home.  Stop by and see our amazing selection of bikes!  We have slashed prices on a few bikes, deals only available in store.

A few of our sale bikes are on our website, Scott Sale bikes, but there are more in store.  Stop in sooner than later so you don’t miss any deals!

Cycle around the world!

This is really cool, since 2010 Thomas Skovby Andersen has been cycling around the world!

Born in Denmark he decided to save up enough for his first year and is living off of $20 dollars a day, traveling and seeing some amazing sites.  Really amazing story.  Follow his social media for updates on his travels.

So far he has been on his bike for 1,523 days and has traveled 31168 km (19366 Miles).  His web site is located HERE, and has a lot of amazing photographs and stories of his travels so far.

Some amazing pictures, north of Mendoza in Argentina he posted this amazing pictures of the milky way galaxy, breathtaking!

Camping at Salar de Uyuni


New Shimano Gear!

Shimano has a few new toys that are being released for 2015.  The new Shimano Sport’s Camera is out already and the new Shimano XTR Di2 looks awesome.


The new Shimano Sport Camera – CM-1000  is waterproof out of the box and is sealed to protect it against dirt, mud, or anything else you might tackle on your ride.

shimano sports camera

The camera comes with mounts to go straight on your bike to film all your rides.  Sync up your strava records with video to back it up!  Then jump straight into the ocean and film all your underwater adventures.  The CM-1000 provides full 1080p HD footage and options for standard angle, or 180 super wide angle.

The Shimano XTR Di2, PD-M9000 pedals, and groupset is out, with top notch performance, the DI2 is now on the trails!

The Groupset is full Di2 for trails and is a game changer for shifting  .  

Shimano XTR Di2The Shimano XTR Di2 integrated into the M9000 has options and full customization for your ride style.  You can have full control and link your Shifting with one Firebolt shifter and simplify.


Full specs here

If you are interested in release dates and ordering contact us