Road Magazine 2015 Race bike of the year

Road magazine has just announced its 2015 bike of year.  We are proud to carry this bike, and it really is something else.  Glad that it has been seen as the amazing machine that it is.

Road Magazines 2015 Race bike of the year is…….

Look 795 Light

2015 Road Race bike of the year

With its sleek design and color palette the 795 Light, weighing in at 15 pounds it can be fitted with Dura Ace mechanical or Di2, or Ultegra Di2.  The bike was designed for speed using technology created by National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Hourglass shaped headtube with its integrated seat post, stem and fork, are on the cutting edge and aided in receiving the 2015 Road race bike of the year.  The complete bike has a high price tag ($14,999) but the Look 795 Light will also put you at an advantage to win races.

For more info check out the Look 795 Light on our site, and send us an email

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