2015 Editors choice – Salsa Vaya

One of our brands, Salsa Cycles, received a top pick from Bicycling magazines editor.  The 2015 Salsa Vaya 2 is a great touring bike, not the lightest, but its design and components give you a great ride.

The Salsa Vaya has been in our line up for some time now, and has been a favorite to many.  Salsa has been gaining some traction in the adventure bike world with the introduction of its fat bikes, the favorite Fargo, and its full suspension line up.  The Vaya 2 offers a 105 build, CroMoly tubing frame and fork, for a solid build.  Salsas cowbell bars add comfort for the long rides, and if you are cruising around town, or cruising between towns you will for sure enjoy the ride.

We currently have a Salsa Vaya 3, and Salsa Vaya 2 on clearance in store!  Come down and hop on this amazing bike before they are gone!!

#SalsaVaya #Vaya #SalsaCycles


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