2016 Felt Bikes are in!

Felt has released a select few bikes early for the 2016 season, and we have some in stock!  The 2016 Felt ZW5 is here an in stock at Revolution Bike Shop!

Felt has created the FIT series, and specifically designed their bikes for women.  The 2016 Women specific ZW5 frame, handlebars, stem, saddle and fork were engineered just for women. The new 2016 alloy bike has 11 speed Shimano 105 and will keep your speed and climbing up!

The 2016 Felt ZW100 is also available

Felt has also released the mens 2016 Felt Z5, 2016 Felt Z100


Starting in 2016 Felt has also brought back a new Verza series line up.

If you are a looking for a great commuter bike, a hybrid, or something you can just cruise around town on the Felt Versa Speed is the answer.  The 2016 Felt Verza Speed 10 has a carbon fork super light frame with Ultegra components and Disk brakes.  Top notch performance


Along side the Verza Speed series is a the 2016 Felt Verza Speed 20, 2016 Felt Verza Speed 30, 2016 Felt Verza Speed 40, and the 2016 Felt Verza Speed 50

For prices, and availability email us at Info@RevolutionBikeShop.com


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